Containers as a Service with Docker to Extend an Open Platform

ALFRED was envisioned from the start with an app marketplace to act as an open platform. Following the “Privacy by Design” approach it was clear that the open platform needs to be a closed system to enforce that the end user stays in full control of his data, those drastically limiting the possibilities for third parties to extend the user experience. In the past, the deployment of different web services was linked with major efforts as each web service could use fine differences in the stack, resulting in incompatibilities and conflicts. Containerisation with Docker overcomes this issue; allowing web services to be handled as easily as Apps. Can this approach be the future to extend closed systems?

The ALFRED project organized a IEEE workshop in collaboration with invited speakers to present and discuss several topics:

- possibilities for interoperability and open frameworks to bring solutions together
- research results concerning interoperability and standards in the field of active ageing
- needs of end users of technology and how these can be tackled within research
- news from Google about it’s Google Cloud Platform and Google’s Big Data Solutions

The Docker talk was part of this IEEE conference. The slides are available here.

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